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Monday, 23 July 2007

CO2 is not a pollutant

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant! It is present in our atmposhere at a concentration of 385 ppm in other words 0.0385%.It is non-toxic to humans at more than10 times present levels and is of course essential to life. Yes it is a greenhouse gas - it partially traps solar radiation in the atmposphere thus helping to make the earth habitable. CO2 accounts for 2-4% of the greenhouse effect (water vapour is responsible for most of the rest).

Some scientists in the late 1980s claimed that the 30% rise in in CO2 over the preceding 150 years (280-360ppm) was attributable to humans and was causing global warming. This was taken on board by Al Gore and other politicians,and scientists funded by government departments, who continue to talk about CO2 as a pollutant and call for carbon taxes.. Where is the evidence for these views about CO2?

1.There is no evidence that the recent rise in CO2 is responsible for the measured rise in global temperature (there is a correlation; correlation does not prove cause and effect; CO2 increase tends to follow temperature increase- this would appear to disprove the cause and effect claimed!)

2.There is no evidence that humans are responsible for the measured rise in CO2. Most of the CO2 on earth is used by or stored in oceans, plants, and animals. As the oceans heat up CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

3.There is no evidence that a modest warming will threaten human life through environmental catastrophe .

With no proof the climate modellers have assumed that humans are causing increasing CO2 levels, which is causing global warming, which will lead to serious threats to sustainable life on earth. This is where the money is for scientific research....

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